Monday, November 14, 2016

RotoBaller DFS Advice: FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks (11/14/16)

With eight games on the slate for tonight, there should be no reason why you can't find enough value to spend up on a few superstars. There is only one superstar I will be spending up on but we will get to James Harden later...

These are my daily fantasy NBA lineup picks for FanDuel on 11/14/16. I try to only advise players I believe will outperform expectations and the players I advise are players in my lineup so if it all goes downhill, I'll be tumbling down right next to you. Let's get rolling…

FanDuel DFS Guards

Jamal Crawford - SG, vs. BKN ($4,100)
I was split between either J.J. Reddick ($4,100) or Jamal Crawford and decided to go with Crawford because of his ability to get shots much easier. Reddick has been a tad quiet this year as the Clippers starting shooting guard and both carry a decent bit of risk. That being said, you know you need to risk a little bit to get the big pay out but either one is a fine play tonight. The Clippers have been dominating and expect the lower-valued Clippers to get the most minutes tonight.

J.J. Barea - PG, at NY ($5,800)
I hate going against the Knicks because I feel like a bad fan, but I need to be honest to all my RotoBaller supporters. The Knicks are garbage on defense, probably because Jeff Hornacek doesn't practice defense, but anywhoooo... J.J Barea has capitalized on his starts for the Mavericks and he has plenty of experience to handle a full workload. With Deron Williams out, J.J. is a much more consistent option with a good price tag, especially if your contemplating 'Streaky' Seth Curry.

Also Consider: James Harden - SG, vs. PHI ($11,600)
Yeah it is Philadelphia but James Harden feasts on these match-ups.

FanDuel DFS Forwards

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