Thursday, November 8, 2018

VMI and ADI data now included in NBA master file

VMI and ADI data for all 2018-19 NBA games is now included in the RotoGuru/DHD NBA master file. These two data elements have now been appended to the end of each player data line.

The NBA master file is still available for free, but will eventually convert to a premium basis, available only by subscription. Subscription details will be announced later in November.

Once the file transitions to a premium basis, ADI and VMI values for the current game day will be restricted to those who are also members at (Note that all members will automatically be grandfathered with basketballVMI membership for this season.) Historical ADI and VMI data will be unrestricted (i.e., available to all).

For more information on the basketball VMI index, please visit

(Note: ADI and VMI data are not available for prior seasons.)

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